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24 Shaft Weavebird

Leclerc Weavebird Computer-Dobby looms are a series of sophisticated Computer controlled handweaving looms based on the Weavebird system conceived by Kevin Burns of Ireland. Designed for small production environments and those weavers looking for a high level of output, the Weavebird delivers a high degree of functionality without the corresponding high price and complexity found in scaled down production looms.

The Weavebird looms employ a unique enhanced Countermarch mechanism where the weight of each shaft is balanced off with a compensating counter-weight. This design enables the production of complex patterns while dramatically reducing the treadling effort and physical strain on the weaver. The actual effort required to operate the Weavebird's 16, 24 or 32 shafts approximates that of a 4 shaft counterbalance loom. This unique design eliminates the need for the expensive and complicated air/electric driven treadling assist systems required by some conventional multi-shaft designs.

16 Shaft Weavebird

The Weavebird loom's Countermarch mechanism controls both the rising and sinking sheds to produce a large uniform shed while minimizing the amount the yarn threads are stretched. Operation is simple with the weaver controlling the loom using two back mounted treadles to open and close the shed. The looms depth of up to 71 inch (180 cm) produces an excellent shed every time.

Why Choose the Weavebird Loom?

For a comparison of the Leclerc Weavebird with the other Computer-Dobby loom designs on the market today, see our Why Weavebird? section where we provide a detailed explanation of the Weavebird advantages.

Weavebird Virtual Demonstration

While you may not be able to travel to our store to try the loom yourself, we are still able to provide you with a demonstration of its operation. The Weavebird loom weaving at 40 picks per minute can be seen on your computer via this short Video Clip. Note that this is a 3 Mb AVI file (.avi) so it may take some time to view on analog dial-up connections. Windows users can save the file to disk by holding the shift key down when clicking on the link with their mouse. If your computer does not have the application to open this file, Click Here to download a free QuickTime viewer for your Windows PC or Mac.


The dimensions of the different loom sizes are listed below:

Loom 27" 36" 45" 60" 72"
Heddles (#) 16 Shaft 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000
24 Shaft - 2,000 2,500 3,000 -
32 Shaft - 2,500 3,000 3,500 -
Width Weaving 27" (69 cm) 36" (90 cm) 45" (115 cm) 60" (150 cm) 72" (183 cm)
Overall Loom 44" (111 cm) 50 1/2" (128 cm) 59 1/2" (151 cm) 74 1/2" (189 cm) 86 1/2" (220 cm)
Depth 16 Shaft 49" (124 cm) or
61" (155 cm)
61" (155 cm)
24 Shaft - 66" (168 cm) -
32 Shaft - 71" (180 cm)-
Height Overall Loom 68" (173 cm)
Front Breast Beam 34 1/2" (87 cm)
Weight 16 Shaft 200 lb (91 kg) 240 lb (109 kg) 280 lb (127 kg) 320 lb (145 kg) 370 lb (168 kg)
24 Shaft - 280 lb (127 kg) 330 lb (150 kg) 385 lb (175 kg) -
32 Shaft - 310 lb (140 kg) 360 lb (163 kg) 410 lb (185 kg) -

Ordering Information

Ordering a Weavebird Computer-Dobby loom is simple. There are 12 versions of the basic loom based on the number of shafts and weaving width required.

Loom Version Weaving Width
27" 36" 45" 60" 72"
16 Shaft 1016-2700
$9,844 CDN
$9,056 US
$9,844 CDN
$9,056 US
$10,160 CDN
$9,347 US
$11,128 CDN
$10,238 US
$14,680 CDN
$13,506 US
24 Shaft N/A 1024-3600
$12,369 CDN
$11,380 US
$12,840 CDN
$11,813 US
$14,017 CDN
$12,896 US
32 Shaft N/A 1032-3600
$14,882 CDN
$13,691 US
$15,585 CDN
$14,338 US
$16,564 CDN
$15,239 US
  • Email or call us at (519) 941-0736 for more information about this loom.
  • See information below on the Extended 3 Year Warranty provided by Camilla Valley Farm to our Weavebird loom purchasers.
  • Looms are shipped partially disassembled for easier handling and to avoid damage during transit. Assembly is simple with both written and video instructions included as well as the required tools.
  • Looms are made of selected, well-seasoned, kiln dried Canadian hard maple or birch, except for harness frames and a few parts that require lighter wood. Metal parts are aluminium dye cast, cast iron and steel protected by metal zinc plating.

Every Leclerc Weavebird loom ordered from Camilla Valley Farm comes complete with the following extras to get you up and weaving immediately:

PLUS exclusively from Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply:
  • Weavebird Loom Driver
    A sophisticated Windows-based PC software package
    designed specifically for the Weavebird Loom
    by Camilla Valley Farm

Flying Shuttle Beater

Loom Options:

The basic Weavebird loom can be customized to fit the weavers application with a number of options including a Double Warp Beam to allow independent tensioning of two different yarn types, a Flying Shuttle Beater to speed up the weaving process and/or extend the weavers reach, a Hanging Overhead Beater, a Sectional Warp Beam to speed up the warping process and a Weighted Beater for rug weavers.

Leclerc also offers a choice of Loom Benches to fit all weavers and maximize their comfort while weaving. All of these options can be added to your Weavebird loom order or can be added to an existing loom at a later date.

27" 36" 45" 60" 72"
Inserted Eye Heddles
(Instead of Texsolv)
No Charge
Specify When Ordering Loom
Raddle Contact
$66.00 CDN
$61.00 US
$83.00 CDN
$76.00 US
$99.00 CDN
$91.00 US
Double Warp Beam Contact Us
for Pricing
$677 CDN
$623 US
$775 CDN
$713 US
$898 CDN
$826 US
$984 CDN
$906 US
Hanging Overhead Beater Option 6395-9000
$325 CDN
$299 US
Sectional Warp Beam Kit 1 Inch
$314 CDN
$288 US
$314 CDN
$288 US
$384 CDN
$349 US
$484 CDN
$445 US
$589 CDN
$541 US
2 Inch
Contact us
for Pricing
$265 CDN
$244 US
$294 CDN
$270 US
$386 CDN
$355 US
Contact us
for Pricing
Flying Shuttle Beater Contact Us
for Pricing
$1,380 CDN
$1,270 US
$1,380 CDN
$1,270 US
$1,495 CDN
$1,375 US
$1,733 CDN
$1,594 US
Weighted Beater Bar Top 1560-2700
$143 CDN
$131 US
$161 CDN
$148 US
$182 CDN
$167 US
$228 CDN
$218 US
$305 CDN
$292 US
Bottom 1570-2700
$184 CDN
$169 US
$213 CDN
$176 US
$242 CDN
$222 US
$299 CDN
$275 US
$400 CDN
$368 US
Clip Temple System 6146-0000
$105 CDN
$96 US
Rocking Loom Bench
(Height Adjustable between 21 and 26 3/4")
$624 CDN
$574 US
Open Ended Loom Bench
(26" High with open ends for storage)
$788 CDN
$725 US

Extended Warranty

Leclerc provides a 2 year warranty on the Weavebird covering materials and workmanship with parts replaced free of charge upon proof of defect. Camilla Valley Farm extends that warranty by 1 year providing a 3 year warranty for all Weavebird looms. Note that this warranty covers all the parts including electronics. In addition we manage the warranty process and provide technical support giving the Weavebird owner one point of contact to resolve any problem they may have.

Weavebird Loom Driver

This PC-based program allows the weaver to open standard weave draft files created by all the most popular design programs (ie. Fiberworks PCW, WeaveMaker, SwiftWeave, ProWeave, etc.) and use them to control the Leclerc Weavebird 16 or 24 shaft Computer-Dobby Loom.

Weavebird Loom Driver

The standalone program can read both .wif and .dtx file types and runs on any PC running anything from Win 95 to XP. Features include Pattern Repeat/Mirror/ Stop Control, Ground Weave Insertion, Plain Weave Mode as well as Loom Wake-up and Diagnostic functions. The software is included free with every Weavebird and Diana Computer-dobby loom ordered.

More Information?

To learn more about the Weavebird Computer-Dobby Loom go to:

Leclerc Loom Catalog CAN'T DECIDE? Contact us for help in answering questions about this loom, getting information
about others or for help recommending a loom matched to your weaving level and needs.

See our Leclerc Loom Comparison Chart for more help in deciding which loom is right for you.

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using our secure Online Order Form (this form should open in another window). Orders may also be placed by mail, fax or phone. Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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